Have you considered a race change

With the latest beta build, all of the scheduled new models are currently playable on the beta servers. Although some races are obviously in need of tweaks, by and large they all look pretty solid. But I best wow gold have to say, it’s a little weird going into the character selection screen now and seeing all the old familiar faces and models exchanged with gorgeous updated versions that are on par with the pandaren from Mists. Moving hair, emotive expressions, and in the case of female trolls, even eyelids and blinking — it all blew me away.

And after looking at all the new models, the urge buying wow gold safe to switch it up and play a different race is admittedly tempting. Orcs, humans and trolls in particular are so far removed from the original models — yet they still retain that distinctive Warcraft look and feel. I know I have a handful of friends who have decided to switch it up and change what race they’re playing when Warlords hits — not for racial abilities or anything like that, but just because the new models are that impressive.

So I’m curious what you guys think — are any of you considering a race change? Do you like the new models well enough to switch from one race to another? Have you ever used the race change service before? Was it to take advantage of racial perks, a faction change, or some other reason entirely?

Finding classic world-drop recipes

I’ve been running a Challenge Modes 101 series recently to help players who are scrambling to get their transmog sets, mounts, and titles before the axe falls, and our commenter Drewbob pointed something out that I hadn’t considered. The use of Invisibility Potions is a key part of the strategy for gold timers, but the recipe is a world buy wow gold drop in classic Azeroth. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a drop while leveling, or buy it when it was more commonly available on the auction house, you may find it very difficult to get these days. You can’t really farm for it, and on smaller servers, you’ve got wow gold to wonder if it’s ever available at all. I bought my Invisibility Potion recipe back during Burning Crusade, and now that Drewbob’s mentioned the sheer difficulty of finding it these days, I’m so grateful that I was always too lazy to switch professions.

I want to put on my boogie shoes

“As a devoted follower of Vol’jin, I be determined to crush the Iron Horde underfoot,” writes beta tester Feathery. “I even convinced a bored peon in Wor’var to help me wit’ my aim. That don’t be such a great idea, though, because he kept licking my foot. Please, can trolls get some shoes? Ya don’t really want to see a grown troll resort to making puppy buy wow gold dog eyes, do ya, mon?” Well, it’d be euwowgold less scary than those crazy female gnome eyes, that’s for sure.

Warlords Collector’s Edition Hearthstone card back revealed

Among the oodles of goodies included in the Warlords of Draenor Collector’s Edition is a new Hearthstone card back. The best wow gold site artwork has been revealed, which can be seen above or over on the @PlayHearthstone euwowgold.com Twitter account. The art has an Iron Horde theme, exemplified in random spikes and furnaces. The Warcraft Twitter account confirms that this card back is also included in the Digital Deluxe version of the expansion.

Often there is a more impressive Bass

Thus the following we’ve probably the particular best factor with a Management with the Alliance/Horde account We have composed up to now, although “leader” involved just isn’t just as very placed because the elegant nobleman and also warlords which take a seat on their particular thrones and also handle the particular nation-wide politics of these wow gold usa individual factions.

Simply no, this kind of account is approximately an alternative head: the particular learn regarding CUANDO: 7 and also head with the Stormwind Assassins, Mathias Shaw. Nonetheless, Shaw is only the particular center point for your account, because it is certainly caused by advised simply by pursuing his / her activities. The particular account alone relates to several differet heroes and also factions, thus also people not necessarily specifically enthusiastic about Stormwind’s little league regarding assassins can with any luck , believe it is entertaining.

These are entertaining, this kind of account has been an enjoyable experience to publish, specifically offered just how that joins easily together with present lore released regarding Stormwind and its particular around gets inside Cataclysm, therefore i desire it will likely be in the buying wow gold safe same way entertaining to learn.

Also, and the ones which bear in mind the particular level 20 Connections criminal pursuit coming from ahead of the nights regarding Cataclysm come in to get a big surprise.

Gnomelords of Draenor

Does Garrosh’s Jaw look a little like Deathwing’s jaw in the Cinematic? I assume that’s the remnants of Y’shaarj?

Nope! The tattoos are a Warsong thing — his father had them as well. Garrosh had his done in the novel The Shattering, after Thrall appointed him Warchief and left Orgrimmar, just before Cairne confronted him and challenged him to the mak’gora that ended his life. Fun fact: When Cairne threw down and demanded the duel, he punctuated it with a full-out backhand across Garrosh’s freshly-tattooed face. Ouch.


I’m sure something happened after the first 13 seconds of Murktale but darned if I could tell you what. I basically backed up the video a half million times and watched that first quarter minute over and over.

Okay, fine, I watched the whole thing. The punchline is a tiny bit tired, but the overall video was great. Look, it’s hard to go wrong with a quicky video featuring murloc jokes. I think someone crooning “in the arms of an angellllll” would have made the video better, though I’m not sure any of us need to hear that song again.

Ultimately, it’s a fun little video. I look forward to what might be in store in the future for Azian.

Mistweaver Changes

About midway through the expansion, it became clear that mana was not valuable for Mistweavers. We tried some adjustments to solve that, but it proved too large of a change to make at the time. We chose to just live with that problem for the time being, and tune them around not really caring much about Spirit or mana (once they reached epic gear).

Now that we have the time to tweak things for Mistweavers cheap wow gold to acquire new gear, we’re making changes to get them in the right spot. Initially, we experimented with giving Mistwavers a 1-second global cooldown (GCD) akin to that of the Rogue to give them a faster combat feel. However, it’s proven difficult to balance. Haste is attractive to healers because it lowers not just cast time but GCD as well. Therefore, Monks valued Haste much less than other healers. We explored a few options, but ultimately landed on changing the core GCD for Mistweavers from 1 second to the standard 1.5 seconds, which you will be able to reduce with Haste. This will feel jarring at first, but we’re confident that it’s for the best, long-term.

All abilities available to Mistweavers now have a 1.5-second global cooldown (up from 1 second).
Stance of the Fierce Tiger now reduces the global cooldown of the Mistweaver Monk’s abilities by 0.5 seconds.
Stance of the Sturdy Ox now reduces the global cooldown of the Mistweaver Monk’s abilities by 0.5 seconds.
Focus and Harmony is a new passive ability for Mistweaver Monks, causing Haste to reduce the global cooldown, and causes Attack Power to be equal to 100% of Spell Power.
Stance of the Wise Serpent no longer provides this Spell Power to Attack Power conversion.
Crackling Jade Lightning’s throughput has been increased by 100%, but it no longer generates Chi for Mistweaver Monks. Additionally, it is free in Stance of the Wise Serpent.
Detonate Chi is a new spell available to Mistweaver Monks, instantly detonating all Healing Spheres, and causing each of them to heal a nearby ally within 12 yards of the sphere with a 15-second cooldown.
Healing Spheres now heal an ally within 12 yards (up from 6 yards) for 100% (up from 50%) of their normal healing, when they expire.
Soothing Mist’s healing has been increased by 100%, its GCD has been reduced to 0.5 seconds, but no longer heals immediately, and no longer generates Chi.
Stance of the Wise Serpent no longer increases Haste from items by 50%.
Summon Jade Serpent Statue now has a 10-second cooldown (down from 30 seconds).
Thunder Focus Tea no longer costs Chi, causes the next Renewing Mist to jump up to 4 times (instead of causing the next Uplift to refresh the duration of Renewing Mists on all targets). Its effect on Surging Mist remains unchanged.
Jade Mist is a new passive ability for Mistweaver Monks, causing them to gain 5% more of the Multistrike stat from all sources, and also causes Renewing Mist and Rising Sun Kick to have a chance equal to Multistrike chance to not go on cooldown when used. This effect cannot trigger on the next Renewing Mist or Rising Sun Kick.

Another issue with Mistweavers is that of Eminence, which has never really played out how we had hoped. The intent with Eminence was to create an alternate play style to fulfill the fantasy of healing through dealing damage, since we knew a lot of players had that fantasy, and a new class was the perfect opportunity to satisfy that.

Having two play styles in one spec (Eminence, and traditional Mistweaving, healing primarily through casting heals) proved challenging to balance, because we don’t want players to take the best parts of both and stack them into an unintended superior spec. The most notorious of these cases was “Jab-Jab-Uplift”. In order to solve this problem, we’re giving Mistweavers two stances. Stance of the Wise Serpent will continue to be the stance from which to do traditional Mistweaving. The new Stance of the Spirited Crane will be the stance to use for Eminence. You can swap stances at will, with only the cost of a GCD and any current Chi that you’ve accrued. The intention is that Crane Stance allows Mistweavers to trade healing for damage; it should fall somewhere in the middle between being a full healer, and being a full damage dealer.

Stance of the Spirited Crane is a new ability for Mistweaver Monks, which replaces Stance of the Fierce Tiger, and provides the following effects.
The Monk gains Eminence, causing all damage dealt to also heal nearby allies.
Eminence now causes a nearby target to be healed for 35% of all damage caused by the Monk and includes auto attacks.
Stance of the Wise Serpent no longer provides this benefit.
Crackling Jade Lightning channels 150% faster, generates 1 Chi each time it deals damage, but costs 300% more mana.
Blackout Kicks grants Crane’s Zeal, increasing Critical Strike chance by 20% for 20 seconds.
Blackout Kick causes Eminence to heal 5 allies instead of 1, but heals for only 15% of damage dealt instead of 35%.
The Monk gains a stack of Vital Mists for every Chi consumed. Vital Mists reduces the cast time and Mana cost of the next Surging Mist by 20% per stack up to a maximum of 5 stacks.
Muscle Memory has been removed.
Serpent’s Zeal has been removed.
Vital Mists has been removed.
Rising Sun Kick is now available to Mistweaver and Windwalker Monks. However, it does not cause Mortal Wounds for Mistweavers.
Stance of the Fierce Tiger now causes Rising Sun Kick to cause Mortal Wounds, instead of it causing Mortal Wounds naturally.
The following abilities now require Stance of the Wise Serpent for Mistweavers:
Enveloping Mist, Renewing Mist, Soothing Mist, Uplift
The following abilities now require Stance of the Spirited Crane for Mistweavers:
Blackout Kick, Jab, Rising Sun Kick, Tiger Palm

Every day I’m shoveling

The above image is absolutely relevant, I swear. Let’s just get on with the questions, shall we?

CatrionaShadowleaf asked:

Qt4Q: Where is our poop quest in beta? Someone had to have found one.

I have yet to find one to play through, but I have yet to finish Frostfire Ridge. The only thing I’ve seen along those lines is one of Thrall’s relatives on a very special poop quest of his very own.

… he’s about as happy about it as can be expected.

On live servers you can’t transmog polearms over swords, axes or maces (and vice versa), but on the Alpha it’s a totally different story, as you can see in the header image above.wow gold No idea if this is an intended change or not (I hope it is) but it’s certainly a welcome one for those of us who happen to carry a Hellreaver in our bags.